Christmas 2019

Make a dedication to someone this Christmas by adding a thought or a photo and help Beat Macular Disease! 

Everyone who has Age Related Macular Degeneration including myself!

Let’s prey the Researchers find a cure for those who suffer with AMD - perhaps Stem Cells are the answer. Lighten our darkness.

Stoke on trent macular group

Enjoyed our Christmas meal gathering and would like to thank everyone for their friendly support and to wish you all a merry Christmas and Happy New year. See you all at the January meeting

Veronica Honan

Keep smiling dear!!


I know you struggle on a daily basis, but I am proud of your determination

Dad & Mum

Happy Christmas to you both

Dad - Bob

Dedicated to my Dad who we sadly lost last year. Dad had Age Related Macular Disease for the last couple of years and was well supported by the Macular Society and his local group where he made many friends. Please put this towards the excellent research & support you provide


Dorothy was a lovely lady who never let Macular Disease get in her way. Everyone that met her was in awe of her. Donating today to spread the good work of the Society, so others don't feel alone with this condition. Thank you Macular Society

Mum & Dad

In loving memory of my Mum and Dad, missing you both sat in your chairs at Christmas time. xxx


I've made a donation this Christmas to help the Macular Society find a cure. I know reading gave you so much pleasure but now you're struggling. Hopefully, in the future, others won't find themselves in the same situation xx

Grandad George

I've donated to help find a cure for macular disease this Christmas. I know this is something which is close to your heart. Love Tim x